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This program improves competencies in the installation of MFMA sports flooring systems and provides architects, construction specifiers, and end users with information to make informed choices about the selection of qualified installers and installation companies.

MFMA accreditation is a voluntary process by which a non-governmental agency, such as MFMA, validates an individual’s qualifications and knowledge in a specific area of professional practice based on a set of pre-determined standards. In the case of hardwood maple sports flooring accreditation, the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association is validating your qualifications and knowledge as a hardwood maple, beech, and birch sports flooring installer.

The purposes of accreditation for hardwood maple sports flooring installers are:

  • Assisting the general public in evaluating the experience and expertise of installers;
  • Recognizing professional hardwood maple sports flooring installers who have met a designated level of experience and demonstrated a standard of knowledge;
  • Providing a means of identifying professionals who have met a standard of achievement; and
  • Raising professional standards and improving the practice of hardwood maple sports flooring construction.

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